Meet the Children

Caroline Akinyi: Caroline is six years old and in first grade. She is very smart and enjoys school. Caroline and her sister live in the slum Kondele with their mother, who is a business lady.

Sheryl Akoth: Sheryl is Caroline Akinyi’s sister. Sheryl is five years old and in kindergarten. Although she is shy, she does well in school.


Sheryl Achieng: Sheryl is six years old and in first grade. She does good work in class. She lives in Obunga with both of her parents. They work at a local hotel, where her father operates a boda-boda, or bicycle taxi.

Michael Otieno: Michael is five and a half years old and in first grade. He does very well in class. He lives in the slum called Obunga with his little brother and mother, who sells fish to earn money for her family.