About the Children We Serve

Hope for the Child is now caring daily for 120 orphans and/or disadvantaged children. The children come to school at Arise N’ Shine Academy each week day and then return ‘home’ to their caretakers in the slums. Often their caretakers are a single parent, aunt, uncle, or family acquaintance who struggles to survive and to properly feed, shelter, and monitor the child(ren). Often times the only food the child eats is what we are able to provide them while at school. It is our goal that each child has a sponsor to support them by covering their basic expenses for food, clothing, and medical care.

What Your Sponsorship Provides

A donation of $360 per year or $30/month will provide the following for one child for an entire year:

Food- including maize, beans, and rice
Clothing- any uniforms, replacements, and every day clothing as needed
School Lessons- your contribution helps us to pay the teachers
Medical Expenses- basic wound care, check-ups as needed, medications needed including medicine for HIV infected children

How to Participate

Please contact us via email or phone. We will put you in touch with Marni, our Child Sponsorship coordinator who will be able to pair you up with a child in need. You can submit your donation through our Paypal secure link found on our Donation page or by mailing a check to:

Hope for the Child

8315 Emerald Lane

Woodbury, MN 55125

Please feel free to make payments in any increment that suits your needs and comfort level. Several of our Child Sponsors pay on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, sending us $30 or $60 at a time throughout the year.