In 2019, we are making a difference to over 200 children in Kisumu, Kenya, everyday. 

Since our inception in 2007, we have graduated over 1500 children from K - 3rd grade. 

Thank you for all your prayers and support. 

Dear Friends and Partners of Hope for the Child,

As we reflect on what we have accomplished in 2018 and look to the new things we hope to achieve in 2019, we want to thank all of you for choosing to make us part of your mission and giving. 

We accomplished so much in 2018 and we are so happy that you have chosen to partner with us in making an impact to children who need our support to access education desperately. 

In 2018, we graduated 96 children from our daycare, Pre-K to 3rd grade at Arise N Shine Community Academy in Kisumu, Kenya.  

This last January, I had the opportunity to spend time with the kids at the school and together with the teachers and staff we were able to reach several milestones.  As a direct result of contributions from donors,  we were able to build 3 more bathrooms for the 150+ people who are at the school daily. Prior to this, they only had one working toilet.

We built a dining hall where the kids can finally have tables and a place to sit while they eat. This space also doubles up as a place for the kids to show case their arts and crafts and for gatherings and events at the school.

We also built a new library, a window to the world where the kids can have exposure to global happenings, maps, stories from foreign lands, right on their fingertips.

We believe in investing in our teachers , so we sent 3 of them back to school to earn an Early Childhood Development Diploma and they graduated this last May. Teacher Judy, Oketch and Noela, the school administrator. 

Congratulations to all the students, teachers and staff at Arise N Shine Community Academy for this achievement! We look forward to making even more children’s dreams of living a happier, healthier life come true in 2019..

On behalf of all the families and staff at Hope for the Child, I would like to send warm hugs and best wishes as you begin this New Year in the best way! Hope for the Child and Arise N Shine Community Academy extends deep gratitude to everyone - YOU - who has helped us make our mission real!

Thank you!

Akinyi Williams

Executive Director, Founder

Arise N Shine Opens a 2nd School in Rural Kisumu


It is with great joy that Arise N Shine Community Academy will launch a second school in Rachuonyo, Siaya District, Kisumu, Kenya. 

Hope for the Child has been partnered with our flagship school in Tom Mboya, Kisumu for the past 11 years. We are proud to open a second school which is currently giving access to 21 students in Pre-Kindergarten. Our goal is to increase enrollment in 2019 to 50 students. We are so thankful to our donors, teachers and staff who have made this a possibility. Our mission is to provide access to education to disadvantaged children and this second location does exactly that. 

Serving abandoned and disadvantaged children in Kisumu, Kenya SINCE 2007

The students that we serve consist of children from various disadvantaged groups, including but not limited to, children from backgrounds of poverty, abuse and HIV/AIDS in the Kisumu area. Hope for the Child will enable orphans to become adults who are able to contribute to society and defeat poverty for generations to come. Through education and community leadership initiatives, we inspire children to realize their full potential in life. The aim of HFTC is to bring not only food and substance to the body, but to nurture the mind and soul through love, education, and parental guidance.

"Kenya is among the world’s 30 poorest countries, ranking 152 out of 177 countries on the 2006 Human Development Index."

"More than 15 million people – including more than half the rural population – are without access to safe water or sanitation facilities."

1.2 million of school-going aged children remain unenrolled


Upcoming Events:


Ways you can help: 

Sponsor one or all of the following:

1. Food for 120 children = $1000 per month

2. Books, pencils and learning materials = $100 per month

3. One teacher's salary = $120 per month. We have 5 teachers.  

4. One teacher's training and development = $320 per year

5. One child's uniform set, incl. shoes and socks = $70 per year

6. Sports equipment e.g. soccer balls = $200 per year 

7. Sponsor a child's needs = $360 per year


Thank you again for all of your support  - our accomplishments wouldn't have been possible without you! Your generosity will allow us to reach new goals, and more important serve more children with the education they deserve. 

Hope for the Child is a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization so your contributions are tax-deductible.

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