In 2022, we are still making a difference to over 350 children in Kisumu, Kenya, everyday. 

Since our inception in 2007, we have graduated over 2000 children from K - 4th grade. 

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Hope for the Child is a Christ-centered organization that works diligently to spread the love of Jesus Christ across the communities we serve. We hope that, others can experience God's love through our mission and faith in Jesus Christ.   

News from Kenya

Over the last few weeks, Akinyi G Williams visited the Arise N Shine schools. The newest location in Nyahera, which opened this March, added a playground due to the generosity of our donors. The Nyamila school also is in need of a playground.
It is our pleasure to announce that the rural Nyamila location of Arise N Shine has added a 4th grade class! Due to the rise in attendance, we have also needed to expand our food staff. None of this would have been possible without our donors. Thank you for your continued support!

Water now piped into Nyahera School

Sunflower for Sustainability Pilot Project Blooms
in Rural Kisumu, Nyamila. 

Students, staff and neighboring residents of ANS school in Rural Kisumu, wake up to a long awaited surprise followed by big smiles today as we see our first sunflower bloom. 

As sustainability takes center stage, the Sunflower Pilot Project in Kisumu is what HFTC has decided to test for commercial production of oil. Global food insecurity and famine plague our continent and we can't standby and just hope for a better tomorrow. 

HFTC is taking action, doing its part in ending food insecurity in our region and creating jobs in the community.  We are excited this season as we look forward to learning more ways to leverage the sunflower seed in bringing development, growth and hope to the impoverished people of Kisumu. 

Thank you to all our donors who make this possible. 

Mary and Jashon Menya, sitting on their front porch in 2012.

COVID-19 Impact on our schools in Kenya

The chatter and giggling banter grow louder as students excitedly come through the gates into Arise N Shine Community School compound every morning. The school is the only k-4 institution for miles in Kisumu township, Kenya that for the last 13 years has offered free education, uniforms, and a daily meal program to those children whom a formal education would otherwise be out of reach. 

As the founder and executive director for Hope for the Child Inc (HFTC), a US-based not-for-profit that fully funds and supports this school and one other in rural Kisumu, I am proud of the milestones we have reached. Since inception, we have graduated over 2000 children and supported another 500 post-graduation, in their subsequent pursuits. We have provided access to basic healthcare, sanitation, clean drinking water, built a library, promoted the arts and invested in Early Childhood Development Education for our teachers to maximize learning in the classroom. HFTC has invested in a farm that provides fresh foods from farm to table to subsidize our daily meal program and to provide economic development to improve the livelihood of all our staff across the initiatives that come together to make the enterprise work.

Despite all our successes, it never occurred to me that we would be faced with a decision to completely shut down the schools due to Covid-19. Read more...

              Serving vulnerable children in Kisumu, Kenya since 2007

The students that we serve consist of children from various disadvantaged groups, including but not limited to, children from backgrounds of poverty, abuse and HIV/AIDS in the Kisumu area. Hope for the Child will enable orphans to become adults who are able to contribute to society and defeat poverty for generations to come. Through education and community leadership initiatives, we inspire children to realize their full potential in life. The aim of HFTC is to bring not only food and substance to the body, but to nurture the mind and soul through love, education, and parental guidance.

"Kenya is among the world’s 30 poorest countries, ranking 152 out of 177 countries on the 2006 Human Development Index."

"More than 15 million people – including more than half the rural population – are without access to safe water or sanitation facilities."

1.2 million of school-going aged children remain unenrolled


Remembering our visionary,
Mary Menya.

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.
Isaiah 60 KJV

HFTC Founder and Executive Director, Akinyi Williams is featured on the Fall 2020 "Pivot" issue of the Harvard Ed Magazine. 

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1st Grade class in session in Rural Nyamila location. 

Hope for the Child Inc Receives 2020 Best of St. Paul Award

ST. PAUL February 8, 2020 -- Hope for the Child Inc has been selected for the 2020 Best of St. Paul Award in the Child Care Services category by the St. Paul Award Program.

Each year, the St. Paul Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. 


News and Highlights:

Reading session at the new library in Tom Mboya Kisumu location.

Students have fun at break in Tom Mboya Kisumu location. 

A Pre-K student prepares to start her day in Rural Nyamila location. 

Children at lunch in Rural Nyamila location.

Older 2nd grade students help with the chores and clean up after lunch in Rural Nyamila location.