In 2020, we are making a difference to over 300 children in Kisumu, Kenya, everyday. 

Since our inception in 2007, we have graduated over 2000 children from K - 4th grade. 

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COVID-19 Impact on our schools in Kenya

The chatter and giggling banter grow louder as students excitedly come through the gates into Arise N Shine Community School compound every morning. The school is the only k-4 institution for miles in Kisumu township, Kenya that for the last 13 years has offered free education, uniforms, and a daily meal program to those children whom a formal education would otherwise be out of reach. 

As the founder and executive director for Hope for the Child Inc (HFTC), a US-based not-for-profit that fully funds and supports this school and one other in rural Kisumu, I am proud of the milestones we have reached. Since inception, we have graduated over 2000 children and supported another 500 post-graduation, in their subsequent pursuits. We have provided access to basic healthcare, sanitation, clean drinking water, built a library, promoted the arts and invested in Early Childhood Development Education for our teachers to maximize learning in the classroom. HFTC has invested in a farm that provides fresh foods from farm to table to subsidize our daily meal program and to provide economic development to improve the livelihood of all our staff across the initiatives that come together to make the enterprise work.

Despite all our successes, it never occurred to me that we would be faced with a decision to completely shut down the schools due to Covid-19. Read more...

A Paradigm Pivot during Covid times

A third grader receiving feedback from their teacher on the learning packet he completed at home. 

Due to the school closings, we encourage parents and caregivers to come to the school twice a week to pick up learning packets to go for their students at home. In exchange for rations and replenishment, they bring back the completed packets for grading and feedback - a bonus if they bring the child in so we see them and check on their safety. 

Thanks to our donors for their support in helping make this and other initiatives possible.

Arise N Shine Completes Schoolhouse in Rural Kisumu - Nyamila


The schoolhouse in Rachuonyo, Siaya District, Nyamila, Kisumu is now complete. This building will house the second school for Arise N Shine Community Academies in Kenya. 

The construction project which began October 2019 and finished August 15th 2020 marked a great milestone as it expanded our reach in bringing access to education to the last mile. 

Before all schools shutting down due to Covid-19, Arise N Shine Community Academy in Nyamila was serving 90 students daily with basic education, 2 meals a day, basic health and nutrition.  We had been using the local church sanctuary as a the schoolhouse since the inception of the school in January 2019. 

During the down time, HFTC mobilized resources to accelerate the schoolhouse construction while providing employment to the local youth. Read more...

              Serving vulnerable children in Kisumu, Kenya since 2007

The students that we serve consist of children from various disadvantaged groups, including but not limited to, children from backgrounds of poverty, abuse and HIV/AIDS in the Kisumu area. Hope for the Child will enable orphans to become adults who are able to contribute to society and defeat poverty for generations to come. Through education and community leadership initiatives, we inspire children to realize their full potential in life. The aim of HFTC is to bring not only food and substance to the body, but to nurture the mind and soul through love, education, and parental guidance.

"Kenya is among the world’s 30 poorest countries, ranking 152 out of 177 countries on the 2006 Human Development Index."

"More than 15 million people – including more than half the rural population – are without access to safe water or sanitation facilities."

1.2 million of school-going aged children remain unenrolled


HFTC Founder and Executive Director, Akinyi Williams is featured on the Fall 2020 "Pivot" issue of the Harvard Ed Magazine. 

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Hope for the Child Inc Receives 2020 Best of St. Paul Award

ST. PAUL February 8, 2020 -- Hope for the Child Inc has been selected for the 2020 Best of St. Paul Award in the Child Care Services category by the St. Paul Award Program.

Each year, the St. Paul Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. 


News and Highlights:


We made it through 2020! 

Thanks to your support, we were able to keep everyone afloat in 2020 despite lockdowns and subsequent challenges from Covid. 

We re-opened all our schools on January 11th 2021 and since prior dates that were set had been pushed back, we were not able to fully anticipate if this time, the government would really let us open. 

School enrollment  increased with our Rural Nyamila school seeing triple digit growth, from 60 students early 2020 to 120 students attending daily today. In 2020 we did reach our goal of improving infrastructure and built 4 new classrooms, an office, a kitchenette and toilet facilities for the students and teachers. 

In our Tom Mboya school, we continued distance learning and other outreach programs such as food distribution throughout 2020 to keep our students and staff engaged. Everyone remained on payroll, thankfully and we did not let go of any member of our teaching staff. In fact, due to our growth, we were able to bring on additional staff and teachers to address the higher demand in classroom instruction and support such as cooks and cleaners. 

We also sent 2 teachers back to class to increase their mastery of Early Child Development skills through continuing education program sponsorship.

The students have come to rely on the programs we offer at the school such as our daily food program, clean water and the provision of basic health for their continued survival.  Our school stands as a symbol of growth, resilience, hope, energy, encouragement and excitement for the children and the community at large.

We plan on continuing other programs as services open up after the pandemic throughout the country, such as the water well project in Asembo, Kisumu, the provision of desks, books, uniforms and other supplies to keep our school thriving everyday and to help enhance learning for the students. 

This year we continue to seek your help to find books for the library in Tom Mboya School. We are looking forward to a partnership that will make this possible to enhance learning for our students. 

Hope for the Child and Arise N Shine Community Academies extends its deepest gratitude to YOU,  for helping us make our mission real!

Thank you!


Akinyi Williams

Executive Director, CEO and Founder