Oct 14

Saturday, October 26, join us for morning yoga at Lions Gym

No need to register, just show up!

Saturday, October 26, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Please join us for morning yoga at Lions Gym to benefit Hope for the Child

Lions Gym

4123 West Broadway

Robbinsdale, Minnesota

DeAnn Hoff will lead this one-hour, Hatha/Vinyasa yoga class, suitable for all levels.

No need to pre-register.  Just come!

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Apr 16

It’s Here: 3rd Annual Golf “Fore” the Child Event, June 11

Join us for our 3rd annual golf event!


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Tues, June 11 2013
Registration 11:00am Tee-off: 12:30 pm
Cost: $95 per golfer
Our goal this year is $5000

The Rotary International is partnering with Hope for the Child to match these funds and make it grow to $30,000. This will go directly to our school operations fund that will provide food, desks, stationary, water and medical aid to the 60 children that we are serving in Kenya today.

This is an opportunity for all for us to make a difference.

If you don’t golf, come for the dinner, there will be plenty of festivities to participate in!

Event location: www.golfthelinks.com

Register here: https://sites.google.com/site/hftcgolfevent/


Mar 04

Spring Newsletter 2013

Dear donors and friends of Hope for the Child, we hope you enjoy this update.

Mid-Term Madness

Mid-term exams are well underway at Arise N Shine School (ANS) as the children huddle in groups to study. The teachers at ANS have to be sure that these exams are administered at a level commensurate to the Kenyan School curriculum and the children are prepared mentally and emotionally.

The Kenyan school year has 3 terms, January to March, with a break in April; May to July, with a break in August; and September to November, with a Christmas break in December. ANS has 4 classrooms going; three Kindergarten and 1st grade. Each class has an average of 20 children with one teacher. Last week the school reported an attendance of 63 children. This is a great number as it helps keep the class sizes manageable and promotes the quality of education delivered to the children. Most of the children at ANS come from the local surrounding slums and are very grateful to have an opportunity to go to school. For the last 6 years, HFTC has fully sponsored the activities at ANS giving disadvantaged children a free education which we hope will lead to greater opportunities in the future. ANS also runs a food program that provides for a small snack in the morning and lunch. Regardless of their situations at home, the children can be assured that they will be able to get food and energy that will help them get through the day.




Thank you so much to all our donors and volunteers that make this possible and we hope that we will continue to make an impact to the communities we serve.




Election Preparation

Following the 2007 national elections, Kenya suffered much turmoil that resulted in violence and destruction and the death of over 275 people, according to NPR.org. This forced ANS to rise to the occasion and serve a dual purpose as a humanitarian shelter for refugee families and a school. The number of people who came to seek shelter at the school grounds rose from a maximum capacity of 90 to a staggering 200 plus, as women and children fled from their home for fear of being slain. As an organization HFTC found itself having to assist in this predicament. The USA team embraced the challenge and worked to raise extra funds and awareness that helped relieve the burden of accommodating and feeding this multitude. With the help of donors and volunteers here in the USA and in Kenya, we made it through these difficult times.

As the 2013 election period approaches, the country goes into avid preparation. Kenyans go to the polls on March 4 2013 to elect their national and local leaders. The country security institutions and officials are taking bold action to tighten their processes and curb the risk of violence this year. Citizens and religious leaders go into prayers for peace and anticipation for a smooth process. As supporters, I urge all of you to join us in prayers for a peaceful election and for the right leader to take on the reigns and bring meaningful change to the beautiful nation of Kenya.

Team USA Updates

In October 2012, a group of 9 MBA students from St. Mary’s University in Minneapolis travelled to Kenya for their capstone project. Their goal was to promote immersion in cultural awareness for global business enterprise and to help HFTC improve its quality and achieve growth.

The team came back and presented their recommendations to the Hope for the Child leadership team in December 2012, some of which have been adopted successfully. In addition to media and knowledge-sharing, these recommendations have already simplified and streamlined accounting and business processes in the USA and in Kenya today.

HFTC wants to thank St Mary’s University, the MBA team and their professor David K. Hirschey for taking on the arduous but very beneficial undertaking to bring back insightful information that is already helping HFTC achieve its mission.



Hope for the Child Team


Feb 21

“Where the Hungry Get Sustenance”

That’s the meaning of the Luo word Kisuma and a potential origin of Kisumu’s name. So why are there so many hungry in Kisumu, where HFTC is located?  In the next couple of newsletters we will explore this question. Let’s start by looking at the history of Kisumu. Due to Kisumu’s geographical location, it has historically been a center for trade. In precolonial times the Maragoli, Nandi, and Luo people exchanged foodstuff, tools, and livestock there. In 1898 the city of Kisumu was founded by the British as a railway terminus called Port Florence for the Uganda railway. The official city was segregated into three sections: Block A, the main part of town used for official purposes and for housing for Europeans and Indians; Block B, which served as a buffer between Block A and B; and Block C, the official African residential area.


Jan 18

The Rotary Foundation Partnership & Presentation Schedule




Despite ubiquitous knowledge on the importance of education on economic development for the poor, it is unfortunate that many leaders are blasé about their social responsibilities and do not adopt more aggressive measures to combat poverty and its resulting challenges in the community.

When the local poor children from the slums and the neighboring areas started coming to the Menya home for food in 2006, the need to provide basic education, alongside a feeding program arose.

The Rotary Foundation is working to partner with Hope for the child in their mission to provide humanitarian service and promote peace. Since 2009, donations from the Rotary has gone a long way in providing food, books and supplies to serve basic educational needs of disadvantaged children in Arise N Shine Academy, Kenya.

In 2013, The Rotary Foundation have renewed their commitment and will be able to work with clubs in District 9200 (including Kenya). Akinyi Williams will be presenting the HFTC program mission, accomplishments and the need for a deeper engagement either at a distance, or directly through travel to Kenya. Akinyi will share at several clubs in the Twin Cities Metro area, how with the help of Rotarians, a future generation of young African children can be educated and work their way out of poverty through the efforts of Hope for the Child.

The presentation schedule is as follows;

January 14th – Bloomington Noon Rotary

January 17th – Savage Rotary

January 30th – Buffalo Rotary

February 6th – Minneapolis University Rotary

If you’d like to learn more about HFTC and share the mission with your club, group or association, please contact Akinyi Williams, Founder and Executive Director of Hope for the Child at: hopeforthechildinfo@gmail.com or 651-246-0552.

Read below what the Alexander Rotary did for their outreach in 2009.


Dec 21

The Rhonda Project

Happy Holidays! School is out for the year at Arise N Shine in Kisumu. The students are eager to celebrate the holidays and graduate to a higher grade next year.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Rhonda Thaxton. Rhonda was referred to us by Moses Kayila, a Researcher and volunteer in Kenya who has worked closely with us in our mission since its inception.

Rhonda is garnering support to travel to Kenya and volunteer at Arise N Shine in Spring 2013. She is calling to one and all who would like to join her in this venture and we are happy to support her any way we can. I have attached a picture of Rhonda as well.

Here is Rhonda’s testimony below;

The Rhonda Project

On my last trip to Kenya, I was excited to spend some of my time in Kisumu. I met Moses and his circle of family and friends. Everyone was so welcoming and I had lots of time to discuss the Hope For A Child organization and all the work he does for the Arise N Shine Academy. I am in the process of organizing a group to go to Kenya to experience all the great things Hope For A Child is doing. We will bring supplies, materials, and clothing to the Academy. My goal is to build awareness to a diverse group of people who can then take this knowledge & experience back to the US and continue to raise funds to help this organization expand & continue to be successful.

Thank you for your donation to this cause!

Rhonda Thaxton


Pilates Infusion



Please feel free to contact her directly for detailed information. We plan on launching a page on Razoo to help facilitate this initiative. Stayed tuned for updates on The Rhonda Project.

Thank you so much for your support to Hope for the Child.


Akinyi Williams



Dec 20

Happy Holidays from Hope for the Child and the children at Arise N Shine School in Kenya!


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School is out for the holidays in Kenya and we want you to know how thankful we are, to have had your support throughout this past year.

Our vision at Hope for the Child (HFTC) is to provide access to education, food and basic medical needs to disadvantaged children. Since HFTC was founded in May of 2007, we have educated and fed over 400 children from K-3rd grade. And this year we celebrated the graduation of another 55 children from the school who now have a chance to a brighter future and are on their way out of poverty.

Year after year, we have desperate children come to Arise N Shine School everyday hungry and eager to learn. As we go into the holiday season, we would like to challenge you to think about a child you can help get through the season and have a chance at a great start to yet another year.

HFTC continues to make a difference and you should feel good about the part that you have played in bringing hope. We would not be able reach our mission without your help and the hard work of volunteers here in the USA and staff in Kenya.

We look forward to the greater accomplishments in 2013 and wish you all a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!



Akinyi Williams

Founder, Executive Director


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Oct 12

Our 2012 Golf ‘fore’ the Child fundraising event was a big success!


Thanks to all sponsors, donors, players and volunteers who participated at this event, Hope for the Child was able to raise over $3,200!

The money raised will go directly to provide for basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing to the disadvanataged children we serve at Arise N’ Shine Academy in Kenya.

A big thank you to our corporate sponsors:

1. TJA Williams Investments LLC

2. Grace Realty Inc – Real Estate & Interior Design

3. Lions Gym

4. Elk Agency

5. Schultz’e Contracting

6. Anyarwot Design

7. Waterstone Mortgage Corporation

8. Anonymous Family Foundation

An honorable thank you to volunteers from CIGNA Health Management, Golf for the Child commitee members and all Hope for the Child volunteers and donors who helped make this event a big success.

Please join us next year for our 3rd annual golf event. Look for details in an upcoming eNewsletter.


Jun 20

A Day in the Life of Principal Alex Oliech


The loud crow of the rooster perched on the sill just outside the window jolts 73 year old Alex awake. It is 5:45am. As Alex stumbles to the window to shoo the bird away, he whispers a prayer as he catches a glimpse of the beautiful skyline. He wonders about what the day will bring, the children who he will be helping that day and the fate of those he will not be able to reach.

Soon he says goodbye to his wife and younger children and departs for work at Arise N’ Shine Academy where he has been working as the Headmaster/ School Principal and volunteering for the past two years. A retired educator himself, Alex oversees all the curricular activities at the school. His duties include hiring and supervising teachers, monitoring the execution of academic affairs; ensuring compliance to government regulations, as well as analyzing reports to ensure the overall health and quality of education provided by the school.

By early afternoon, Alex has already facilitated several meetings with teachers and staff to address any issues that may have come up, taken status updates, including providing any medical attention needed by children that might have come to the school sick earlier that morning. Later in the afternoon, Alex makes a run to the local stores to procure needed supplies or visits with caretakers at the slums to discuss the children’s affairs. Afterward, he will spend another hour helping children with their homework assignments.

Alex leaves for home around 6pm. As he sits down to dinner with his family, he blesses the food and remembers his son, Alfons Odhiambo, who passed away from HIV in June of 2010.

Alex brings fifteen years of experience as a teacher and counselor and has nine children of his own. He retired as a school principal in 1995. Subsequently, he worked with Kisumu Urban Apostolate Program (KUAP) and resigned in 2006 when he decided to share his passion in education with the Menya family and teaching staff at Arise N’ Shine Academy.

Alex extends his gratitude to HFTC donors for the support and opportunity to apply his life learned skills to helping impoverished children make a better life for themselves. If you ask him why he does this, Alex simply states that his concern for the welfare of the disadvantaged children drove him to do something.

HFTC is extremely proud and fortunate to have Alex as a leader and key member of the Arise N’ Shine team!


Jun 14

Letters and Drawings from Kenya!

A fresh batch of Thank You letters have arrived from our wonderful students in Kenya!

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The students that we serve consist of children from various disadvantaged groups, including but not limited to, children from backgrounds of poverty, abuse and HIV/AIDS in the Kisumu area.

Hope for the Child will enable orphans to become adults who are able to contribute to society and defeat poverty for generations to come. Through education and community leadership initiatives, we inspire children to realize their full potential in life. The aim of HFTC is to bring not only food and substance to the body, but to nurture the mind and soul through love, education, and parental guidance.

View all of the letters here


Would you like to sponsor a child?

Please contact us via email or phone. We will put you in touch with Philo, our Child Sponsorship coordinator who will be able to pair you up with a child in need. You can submit your donation through our Paypal secure link found on our Donation page or by mailing a check to:

Hope for the Child

8315 Emerald Lane

Woodbury, MN 55125

Please feel free to make payments in any increment that suits your needs and comfort level. Several of our Child Sponsors pay on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, sending us $30 or $60 at a time throughout the year.


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